Be Prepared: 5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of BeerHoptacular


It’s beer fest time.

BeerHoptacular is finally here, and we’re busy setting up tents, hooking up kegs and sweeping floors. While we’re at it, we figured it would be helpful to put together some tips on how to get the most out of your BeerHoptcular experience.

If you have your tickets — see you there! If not, grab them before they sell out.

#1 - Hydrate

Look, we’re not your mothers, but we’re still going to tell you drink water. Drink lots of water. Drink a beer, then drink some water. That way you’ll stay safe, and it’ll allow you to enjoy all of the tasty beer we’ll have available at the fest.

#2 - Food is Fuel

And fuel is food. Actually, strike that last part. You’re going to want to make sure to bring a little bit of spending money for some warming grub served at Chicago’s favorite food trucks. We’ll have a bunch of tasty options so come prepared.


#3 - Don’t Drive

Cinespace Film Studios is very cool. It’s massive, and they film actual movies there. Like, it’s a real, live movie set. BUT - there’s hardly any parking. Plus, you’re going to be drinking so please just don’t drive. Take an Uber or a Lyft or a cab or a pedicab or have a friend drop you off or ride the bus or find someone who owes you a favor to give you a piggy back ride or walk. If you MUST drive (and if you promise you bought a designated driver ticket) there will be very limited parking available in the lot at W.16th street and Western Avenue (1599 S Western Ave). Also, see our information booth for a free high five, because you’re awesome for DDing.

#4 - Don’t Shy On The Merch

We spent a lot of time making some really cool shirts and buttons and hats and stickers, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Each year we partner with a Chicago beer artist to produce a limited-edition shirt based on the BeerHoptacular “Barrel Guy.” Here’s a look at this year’s shirt:


#5 - Try A Variety of Different Things

There’s craft brews, home brews, ciders, Randalled (infused) brews and many more at BeerHoptacular therefore, we strongly encourage you to try them all. If there’s something you know you like, then have some of that. If there’s something that you know you don’t like and have tried before, then try something else that’s similar to that and see if you might like that. The craft beer culture is all about creativity and openness to whatever you might have on tap and to the beer fest vet, that is exactly what you pride yourself on. Throw on some shades, put on your favorite bands t-shirt, and prepare yourself to be more educated and knowledgeable about a wider variety of beers when you leave than when you first walked in.

Bonus Tip - Pace Yourself

Four hours is a long time to drink. Take your time, get plenty of water throughout the day, and keep in mind that you don’t have to drink every ounce of beer you’re handed.

Matt Tanaka