The Chicago Brewseum


Some might assume that we have a one-track mind. Beer. Only beer. However, those some would be wrong. We also care pretty deeply about our city. Luckily for us, Chicago is a hot-bed of exciting beer activity so we’re basically getting our cake and eating it, too.

That’s why we’ve partnered this year with the Chicago Brewseum, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit cultural organization and an interactive museum dedicated to how beer shaped the development of our fair city, and society as a whole. Right now, the Brewseum is in development, raising money to help them select a permanent site, and we’re proud to help them advance their mission, because it’s nothing like you’ll have ever seen before.

“The experience will be incredibly different than any other museum,” explains Liz Garibay, celebrated beer historian and one of the driving forces behind the Chicago Brewseum. “Our vision is to be incredible progressive and interactive.”

That means that they’re working on ensuring that a visit to the Brewseum will maintain the impact and cultural relevance of other local gems, like The Field Museum or Adler Planetarium, with unique twists. They want visitors to be able to actually enjoy a beer while roaming the halls, learning about the delicious elixir that was integral to the history of Chicago.

“Nothing like our scope exists on a national level, or international level. It’s just the right time for it to happen,” says Garibay.

As you might have guessed, our community is full of passionate people from a wide array of backgrounds. Countless volunteer hours are being poured into this undertaking from impressive and well-known local figures from breweries like Goose Island and Lagunitas, to intellectual giants from the Chicago History Museum and Northwestern University.

“The work we’re doing right now is focused in two areas. One is to create events and be part of events that keep the momentum and buzz going, and also a part of our mission,” shares Garibay. This includes their own events, like challenging brewers to develop a beer based on one of the key ingredients of a Chicago-style hot dog and, of course, partnering awesome events like the Chicago BeerHoptacular (toot toot, that’s our horn!).


“The other thing we’re really focusing on is finalizing our location,” finished Garibay.

So, when you attend the BeerHoptacular, you’re helping bring this awesome dream to life. While funding is a critical component of the Brewseum’s development and success, the advocacy you can do for it through sharing info about it with your friends, family, colleagues, and virtual strangers, all helps maintain the momentum of the project and further solidifies its claim as a

MUST HAVE for the city of Chicago.

What Chicagoan wouldn’t want to learn about the local history of beer, while drinking local beer, and supporting local community development? That’s what Chicago is all about – improving and supporting our city to make it bigger and better than before.Join us at the BeerHoptacular, where you can have a good time and support a one-of-a-kind undertaking so one day you can tell your kids, “Yeah…I helped make the Chicago Brewseum, the most celebrated museum in the history of museums, happen.” It’s like doing your future self a favor.

You’re welcome.


Nicky Copland

Nicky Copland is a writer with a background in all things uncool, including stints working for insurance professionals, home inspectors, lawyers, and neurosurgeons (they were cool). She recently moved from Chicago to Indianapolis, where she lives with her husband, toddler, two cats, and a lot of anxiety. When she isn't wiping butts both literally and figuratively, she's enjoying beer, food, hockey, and sleep, occasionally.

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