Chicago's Original Craft Beer Fest


BeerHoptacular is a celebration of American craft beer, Chicago beer culture and good (mostly) clean fun. For 2019 BeerHoptacular is back with more beer, more attitude and more… other stuff. The ninth annual BeerHoptacular will take place on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the awe-inspiring Vertiport Chicago. For the ninth time, Chicago craft beer fans will come together to celebrate their love of American beer culture and sample over 100 craft beers.

Located on the west side of downtown Chicago, Vertiport Chicago is a 30,000 sq ft hangar with a state-of-the-art amenities serve the distinct needs of those who travel by helicopter or for those who want a distinct view of the city.  BeerHoptacular will be held in their massive helicopter hanger. 

We will be working with Brewseum as our non-for profit.  Brewseum mission: Beer is more than a drink; it’s a driving force that built the city. The Chicago Brewseum celebrates this noble beverage by honoring the history behind it, the brewers who craft it, the communities that thrive around it, and the culture that adores beer today. Join the Chicago Brewseum in raising a glass to beer’s dynamic role in making Chicago such an amazing place to live. There’s a lot to drink in.




Early Entry
3PM - 8PM

4PM - 8PM